Sell injection mould

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Our factory has always been regarding "science and technology are primary productive forces" as the motto. Development depends on technic, customer from quality, reasonable price and sincerely cooperate with customers.
1. The main processing equipment: CNC machining center, milling machine, grinding machine, line cutting, EDM, injection molding machine, etc.
2. Processing capacity: product development and design, mold design, mold manufacturing and injection molding processing, 10(100-150 set) / month
3. Mold Materials: P20 core core subsamples hardness> 40hrc, templates, pre-mode hardware pin 45 #> 30hrc
4. Mold cooling uses circulating water which improve the mould unloading effectively.
5. Post-treatment: nitride [low-temperature nitriding treatment, the deformation is very small, it is no longer the need for hardening the surface of high hardness (greater than HV850) and wear resistance]
6. Die Life expectancy: Not less than 50 million times.