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The electric high pressure injection pump DM-812 is a professional machine used for fabric high pressure chemical grouting, which works with single chemical grouting material. It can produce high pressure itself. When there are leakage-stop constructions on engineering include architecture, underground, water conservancy, environment protection, civicism, subway, tunnel, culvert, crack reinforcement, it is the preferred equipment.

1, Environment protection: Good mechanical performance, no noise and no pollution.
2, Portable: Small, light, convenience, and easy to handle.
3, High efficiency: It can reach 0~50Mpa work pressure within several seconds, and it has advanced technique which promise a high efficiency.
4, Safety: With credible techniques and reasonable structure, you can use it safely.
5, High pressure: With grouting pressure 0~50Mpa, it can fill in and build up tiny gap, tiny crack and hole in concrete structure.
6, No damage to structure: Install injector directly to grout, no need to lay pipes and trough.
7, In the case of streaming from aperture, comb and underground, it can grout in water, grouting material may go deep into the crack effectively.

Power: 560w single-phase alternating current 220v/50Hz
Weight: 6kg