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The ink cartridges produced by us are compatible for EPSON, CANON , HP, LEXMARK and LEXMARK. Most of all , our products'features in ink refill and printing effect are same as the original products.

Moreover, our products such as materials and quality are carefully selected and made by our professionals. The alternative cartridges and refill inks for ink jet printers are the same as the original products.

-future revolution of ink cartridge
The latest Epson inkjet printer ink cartridges employ the unique Smart Valve Control Technology. This technology is a new evolution for ink cartridges as printers and ink move forward in pursuit of high-quality printing.
Conventional foam-type cartridges use a sponge to soak and hold ink. The foam is produced by chemical reactions that result in foaming and "blowing, " creating myriad channels, or paths, along which the ink flows. The foam design works well with dye inks. Pigment inks, however, have larger particles and a higher specific gravity, so when pigment particles settle toward the bottom of a foam cartridge, they tend to stay there. This settling can produce a difference in particle concentration between the upper and lower parts of the cartridge that results in uneven printed tones. Foam cartridges also throw up speed bumps. Today's high-nozzle-count print heads eject droplets at phenomenally high rates to achieve high-speed printing. With foam cartridges, however, pigment inks are not able to flow fast enough to satisfy the need for speed - the walls of the tiny channels offer enough resistance to impede the smooth flow of pigment particles.
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