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Molecular formula: C35H44O16
Molecular weight: 720.00
Biological reactive: Kill insects
Physical nature: its appearance is pale yellow powder, without
irritative smell, dont dissolve in water, easily dissolve in methanol, ethanol, acetone and other organic solvents. Under normal circumstances, its stable storage when avoid the sun,
if the value of PH less than 4.5 or more than 7.5, it will be easily decomposed. Melting point:154. C158. C.
Toxicity: its low-toxicity, diameter of big rat acute LD50 is more than 4640mg/kg, the result of toxicity test is non-malformation, non-cancer, non-mutation.
Application : Nimbin is refuse-eat, non-avoid, promoting the growth of crops, medicinal effect sustained long, pests are not easy to resist.
Specifications: 0.32% cream
Molecular formula: C15H24N2O
Molecular weight: 248.36
Biological reactive: Kill insects
Physical nature: the pure is white crystals, micro-dissolved in water when 25. C, easily dissolved in methanol, ethanol , chloroform, ethyl ether and other solvents.
Toxicity: its low-toxicity, diameter of big rat acute LD50 is more than 4640mg/kg
Application: it belong to the source of plants pesticide, higher reactive, it can make pest apastia, paralysis, death. It has the effect of stomach poison and touch-killed, good effect to kill cabbageworm, aphid, diamond back moth, red spider, common thrips, spotted flies and other insects. Its high- efficiency, low- Toxicity, non-residual and use in satisfaction.
Specification: 1.0% soluble fluids
Molecular formula:B1a :C48H72O14
B1b :C47H70O14
Molecular weight: B1a :872.1
B1b :858.1
Biological reactive: Kill insects
Physical nature: it is white or pale yellow powder, melting point:157. C162. C. Easily dissolved in toluene ethyl acetate, acetone, chloroform, ethanol and other solvents, micro- dissolved in normal hexane and oil ethers. The solubility in water is very low(10ug/L) .
Toxicity: diameter toxicity of small rat acute LD50 is 13.6-23.8mg/kg, diameter toxicity of big rat acute LD50 is 10.6-11.3mg/kg. The result of toxicity test is non-malformation, non-cancer, non-mutation.
Application: avermectins has good effect of killing insects, Mites, nematodes. Its mainly applied to vegetables, fruit trees, gardens, cotton, tobacco and other corps, Preventing and treating many insects such as cabbage worm, small vegetable moth, Mites, spotted flies, fleas, nematodes.
cockroaches killing pelletized granule:
Its a special attractive pharmaceutical confected by poison bait, it has a strong attractive and killed effect on cockroaches, ants, worms flows. The medical is prepared in the place where pests hide and appears,
1g per pile, it can attract the insects eat by itself , causing the death of mutual infection . It will complete killed adult-pests and egg-pests after medical is used for 3-5days. Its safe to people and livestock.
Cockroaches killing is on the base of detailing research in cockroaches ecological behavior, manufacturing and researching the new production applied to variety of cockroaches. The bait materials contain adequate moisture and adjust adequate value of PH, thereby greatly improving the capacity of attracting cockroaches and palatability, changing the actuality of hard eating medical bait in preventing them, so it is possible for killing cockroaches efficiently.
The active ingredient product is propoxur, its pesticides of carbamates, and its the most common medical for preventing cockroaches. The active ingredient added more than 1%, the design is not immediately killed cockroaches, it is a occasional and chronic toxicity, in the most life of cockroaches, it lives in hidden caves, usually medical is hard to use on these location. The product is full in cockroaches characters of eating body and excreta, cockroaches which eat it will be chronic poisoned, and then return their hidden location, it will be full time to produce toxic excreta and body, the pharmacy is transmitted one by one, cockroaches will dead in poison twice or third, at last it will be the effect to eradicate all groups.
The product is suitable for hotel, restaurant, hospitals, shops, supermarkets, office space, transportation, equipment housing and various electrical equipment for preventing cockroaches.
The feature is long medicinal effectiveness, cockroaches wont exist from using medical once to no less than half year. But this test need time, it is unlike other toxic cockroaches medicine which immediately dead after using medical. In 24 hours of using the medical, most cockroaches will dead, after 3days, the death of cockroaches in room can reach up to 100%.
Xiudilong Raticide:
It uses DC pharmacy which high efficient attractive rats, great palatability, recipes regularly exchanged, it wont get the phenomenon of apastia when long-term used, it suit for variety of environment; DC high-efficient assistant pharmacy can prevent erosion and insects; Its alert color, bitter pharmacy, not easily eaten incorrectly, is safe to non-target
Animals; Its DC pharmacy of rat-killed outside, the dead rats is easy cleaned, lessen environmental pollution.