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Product type: DSK-80AJ2A
Product detail explanation:

1. Coparing with other same products, it has the advantage of owning a more safety patent technmology than electricity leakage-protection device, namely " seperate electricity wall". It makes use of the physical rule water resistance principleand patent NO is 03224738.9 , it not only can cut off creepage produced by electric water heater itself but block danger threat caused by ground wire electrified or water pipe electricfied.

2. VFD disply screen and touch key-press make the temperature be clear at a glance.

3. Unique design of pressure difference water control, adopting super-low hydraulic pressure control switch. Capable to operated under ultra low water pressure (about 0.04MPa)

4. Back heating design, allow to connect with water value or connect with water tap directly to the outlet

5. Dry heating resisting, overheating proof, high water pressure resisting, creepage proof etc. multiply safe protection.

6. Pure resistance load, no inductance, electromagnetic radiation. It is environmental friendly, no pollution.

7. Energy saving, start heating after the value open, heating efficiency is up to 96%. Compare with water preserving electric water heater, this product can save 30% electricity than the previous.

8. Advanced induction water flow switch, it will not start heating if no water, to avoid dry heating.

9. Ultra thin body, international fashionable design, beautiful appearance.

10. Convenient to use, there is no necessary to preserve water, preheating, heat preserving. Fast heating and no need to wait.

Rated Voltage:220V~

power input:8000W

water flow:6 Liter/per Minute

N. W. :3.5KG

G. W. :4KG

Product size: 33.5W23.5W6.5cm

inner packing dimensions:35W12W41cm

outer packing dimensions:44.5W42.5W47.5cm