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PVC /special Jel

[Product performance characteristic]:
Heat rapidly, reusable, ideal for hot massage, warm up, muscle relaxation, muscle aching
non-caustic, ono-toxic and environmentally friendly products (comply with the relevant approval standard, such as CE certificate, RoHS. . . ) .

[Applicable scope]:-------treatment
1, Uses in the ache which rheumatism, arthritis, the acne, the strain cause, being numb, being swelling

2, Regulates the flow of blood disperses the stasis at The flesh wound recovery period

3, The woman painful menstruation treatment, abdomen beauty for woman after born the baby.

[How to use]:
click of the small metal piece inside, this amazing device reaches temperatures of up to 130 degrees F / 54 C. The temperature is comfortable for human body and skin. muscle relaxation, muscle aching. When finish, follow the instruction. place the heat pad in boiling water with a cloth/towel below(Note:prevent the plastic bag from contacting with the pot) for several minutes until all the crystal dissolve) . The Jel returne to a liquid state Without electrics, the magic handwammers are recycled and environmentally friendly product.

[matters needing attention]:
Don't damage the package, don't let the fluid into the eye/skin, don't eat.

The packing good hot bag should store in the relative temperature not to be higher than 80%, non-corrosiveness gas, ventilates the good indoor, prevents the ultraviolet radiation.

[term of validity]:
The hot bag in meets under the storing stipulation condition, the term of validity is 3 years.
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11*10 cm
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10000 pcs
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