Sell insulated glass

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Size: within 3660mmX5400mm
Thickness:from 8mm to 62mm
Color: clear, blue, green, grey, brown, white

In modern construction large glass as well as
glass wall are used. One-piece glass has the
advantage in lighting, weight loss, good
appearance but higher consumption of energy in
heating and refrigeration. Mudi-empty glass is
a good substitute.
Mudi-empty glass, two or multi-layer glass
plate, is made of aluminium sash injected
It's great advantage is energy saving and
environmental protection. Air conditioner and lighting are the main
factors contribute to the energy consumption.
the former constitutes 55% while the later is 23%. Glass is the
thinnest and good heat conduction materials. Drying agent in
aluminium sash makes the cavum dry and have good heat insulation
Plus it has soundproof performance. Conventional one layer glass
would frost in the situation of excessive temperature differentials
inside and outside.