Sell insulated van body

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Brief introduction
We are the professional supplier of special automobiles in China. The main products are Refrigerated & Insulated Truck, Tank Truck, Dump Truck, Emergency Mobile Telecommunication Truck, etc. If you have the requirement on this point, please consider us first. Thanks.

Detailed introduction
In order to give you an integrated impression of the refrigerated & insulated truck, I will make further and detailed introduction for your reference.

1. Equipments and Technology
They were imported from Germany Kogel AG and have been improved by us for many years.

There are two methods to produce the insulated sandwich panels for refrigerated & insulated trucks in the current world, dry in wet method and wet in wet method. We produce our insulated panels with wet in wet method and high pressure, high temperature, vacuum workmanship. Our panels have better insulation performance and structure strength, compared with the panels with dry in wet method.

2. Production Level
All-close panel, adhesive structure with the type of building block, Freon-free polyurethane vesicant material is our innovation, which are very different from traditional open sandwich panel with connect by metals, injected polyurethane at site with Freon. This new design is overpass the performance of the other manufacturers' products. It has been achieved the ISO9002 quality assurance certificate. Every year there are parts of products to be resold to Germany. We had supplied daily apartment and experiment camping container for Chinese South Pole Scientific Investigated Station.

This insulated body is widely used in many fields, such as refrigerated & insulated truck, emergency mobile telecommunication truck, camping container, etc.

The main characters are as follows:
1. Light in weight: 40% lighter than metal body.
2. Better insulation: K value less than 0.3wm2k.
3. High in strength and long life: 5 times longer than metal body.
4. Non-corrosion, non-pollution, anti-brine, acid and soda-resisting.
5. Easy to assembly and repair at site.

3. Assembly
It is very easy to assemble our insulated bodies, because they are formed by applying polyurethane adhesive to the joint area of the all-closed sandwich panels, which ensures the joint reliability and optimum insulation. All bodies CKD we provide have included all necessary accessories such as aluminum angles, aluminum corner, sealing glues, screws, side guards, etc. Therefore, you can assemble them by yourself without purchasing any material. Generally, 3-4 workers can assemble 5-6 bodies everyday. Moreover, at the beginning we will assign our engineers to supply you some technical guidance.

4. Refrigerated Truck
We are the best manufacturer of refrigerated trucks in China. We have a strong group on design and production and have the capacity to supply products that you need within a short time.

40 feet refrigerated semi-trailer adopts the same one piece of panel without any additional connection.

Transport temperature -40centigrade is a challenge for refrigerated manufacturer. Our ice cream truck with side door could meet the above-mentioned requirement by adopting eutectic plate system. The quality of our products can be compared with any manufacturer in the world.

The refrigerated & insulated body is one of the best refrigerated & insulated bodies in the world, and occupies 40% of market share in China