Sell insulating glass

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Insulating glass are normally made up of 2(in some special cases 3) sheets of glass, and the units are sealed by two process of sealing with high strength and high airtight compound sealing materials. The air inside the gap is dried efficiently by the desiccant inside the aluminum frame.

Energy Saving: The coefficient of overall heat transmission(U value) of 6mm single sheet is 5.75Kcal/mh0C. The U value of ordinary Insulating glass is 1.4-2.9Kcal/mh0CThe U value of Insulating glass which is charged of Ar or SF6 can be reduced to the minimum of 1.19 Kcal/mh0CThe U value of Insulating glass which is used Low-E glass as second or third page can be reduced to about 0.8 Kcal/mh0CThe Ar mainly used for reduced the U value and the SF6 mainly used for sound control to reduce noise db value. The two type of gas can be used separate and also can be used at the same time with certain ratio.
Sound insulation Ordinary Insulating glass units can reduce noise with 30db. The Insulating glass units with gas filling can reduce 5db more than ordinary Insulating glass units. So the Insulating glass units with gas filling can reduce sound from 80 db to a comfortable level of 45 db.

Applications: Tower blocks for offices, Hotel, Hospital and libraries. Engine room, broadcasting room, recording studio, computer room, windows of automotion and train, control tower of airport. Place where temperature control and dew condensation prevention is recommended.

Specification: Unit type : Plane units, Bending units, Laminated units, Low-E units, Coating unitsTotal Thickness of glass:>=14 (4+6+4) mm Thickness of frame : 6mm, 9mm, 12mmMax size: 5000mm*2500mmMin size: 250mm*100mm

Standard: GB/T 11944-2002