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intelligent PID digital controllers
HX7TEH-900 series intelligent PID digital controllers adopt advanced ASIC chips and technology and have advantages of small size
and P0werful anti-interference. The products are manufactured according to international standard and use 85-264VAC wide range input switch P0wer, with multiple installation dimensions. The products are compatible with most of the automatic industrial controlling/adjusting instruments in the world in respect of performance specifications, input modes, output functions and installation dimensions, therefore the products are digital controllers at international advanced level.
HX7TEH-900 series are multi-functional controlling instruments for alarm, transmission, control and communication. The advanced expert PID adjusting algorithm incorP0rates the advantages of fuzzy controlling and PID controlling and achieves ideal control on objects changing quickly and with long hysteresis. The operation becomes even easier as the instrument has the function of precise self adjustment.
When adopting bit adjustment, TEH-900 series can be used to directly replace the traditionally used single display, 2-bit /3-bit /4-bit adjustment, alarm and transmission output instruments. In addition, it has more functions, ie manual/automatic switch over control without interference, self manual adujstment and display output.
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