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It is applied for interface treatment in the case of concrete foundation plastering so as to increase adhesive ability of the cement mortar to the base course and to avoid hollow and peeling in the plastering course.

The product is characterized by excellent adhesive performance, low price and convenient operation . It can be plastered under the wet condition after the treatment agent is applied on the base course , and thus the construction quality
is ensured easily.

Good ability of the water retention, workbility and high strength of bonding.

It is easy to bond on the smooth substrate surface and also increase the adhesive the plaster mortar versus substrate.
Resisting water , high temperature, anti-thawing , anti-aging and flexible.

After dealing with the interface treatment agent the surface become rough, and the roughness for the base course are substituted , save time, protect the wall structure , prolong the shelf life time of the construction.

Overcome theproblems of hollowing , cracking and peeling .

Mix ratio: water: powder agent =1:4 pour the powder into water , stirring the mixture with the electric mixer until it is equal, then allow the mixture stand of 5min, stir again, apply the layer with a trowel and spread it evenly.

Apply 2-3mm, afer 15-30 min(depend on the specific temperature ) plaster the wall.

Package and store:
Package :50kg/pack store at the dry and ventilation places , with half a year of shelf life .

1 Remove the dust , oil stain and other loose substances before applying.
2 Use the water to keep the basic layer wet , operate after no floating water
on it .
3 Prevent getting damp and blocking during the transport and
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10 Tons