Sell interference pearl luster pigment

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Now we can supply the following pearl pigment.
LB 201 (Fine gold satin 5-25um Rutile, Fine by reflection, lilac transmission, bland luster)

LB 205(Platinum pearl, 10-60um, Rutile, Platinum gold by reflection, purple transmission, bright luster)
LB 211(Red satin, 5-25um, Rutile, Red by reflection, pea green transmission, bland luster)
LB 215(Red pearl, 10-60um, Rutile, Red by reflection, green transmission, bright luster)
LB 221(Blue satin, 5-25um, Rutile, Blue by reflection, canary transmission. Bland luster)
LB 223(Violet satin, 5-25um, Rutile, Violetby reflection, yellow-green transmission, bland luster)

LB219(violet pearl, 10-60um, rutile, violet by reflection, light yellow-green transmission, bright luster)
They can be widely used in the lines of painting, coating, ink, leather, plastics, cosmetics and so on, if you feel interested, then feel free to contact me!