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WPC(Wood-Plastic Composite) is made from wood scraps, rice chaff or straws etc. natural fabric. It makes use of enhanced PE/PP/PVC/ABS etc. It's one new enviornmental protection material and has the merits of both natural fabric and plastic.
WPC products is extrusive moulding on high temperature. It's composition of wood scraps, Pvc scraps and other additive etc. . It has the wood appreance and better intensity, toughness than wood. It's anteseptic, vermin proof, water proof, inflaming retarding, hold size and has no craze, no warp. It can be pegged, sawed, planed, painted. The WPC products has no aldehyde, ammonia, benzene. All products is recoverable and regenerate. In the future, WPC will replace wood, plastic, and will be widely used in interior decoration, packaging, building materials, furnitures and logistics.

1) No matter solid wood door frame mouldings, multilayer board mouldings or plywood mouldings, they all have their limition in using. Solid wood mouldings' are easy to make cracks if the structure can't be treated very well. And due to the humidity of floor, plywood often swells. But the WPC products' merits of waterproof can fetch up this disadvantage.
2) Good intensity in transportation and installation, good aging-resistance. If the structure designs reasonably, the intensity of WPC products is much better than other products. Especially, plywood usually easy to be broken in transporation. But WPC products can be completely in good configuration.

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