Sell interlining

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The main product includes woven interlining , non-woven interlining, fusible interlining, tricot interlining, filler rod etc. The weight rangs from 20g/m2 to 170g/m2, and the price is competitive. They can be used for the front body, face fabric and collar of ladies and gentlemen clothes.
Our product adopts resilient base fabric and the most advanced coating technology, and it has the following characteristics:
It can stretch with the stretching of face fabric; it has fine following up ability; and it efficiently avoids the phynomenon of blistering.
It thoroughly shows and remains the soft feeling and resilience of face fabric.
It is ironed in low temperature and will not destroy the style of face fabric.
The products reach the environmental protection requirements; accord with peoples new idea for live of returning to nature znd healthy consuming.