intraocular lenses

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Intraocular Lense
All the intraocular lenses are manufactured from imported PMMA with superior quality (against UV) . The PMMA has certificate of FDA and CE. The instraocual lens is appointed as "sight First, China Action" product. Hydrophobic Acrylic Posterior Ch....
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PMMA and Hydrophylic Intraocular Lenses in diopter ranging from -5.0D up to 34.0D BSS solution in 500cc platic bottles with all the characteristics of a plus solution.
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Operation Microscope (Model: OM3D)
Om3D adopts portable design with entire capability. The miceroscope has three steps magnification and clear image. The total weight is 33kg and easy to carry. It adopts particular universal structure design so it can be used for ENT, gynecology ....

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The Biotech group operates as Biotech Visioncare for the production and supply of Intraocular Lenses, and as Biotech Opthalmics, it offers a range of Ophthalmic solutions. With its global presence and goodwill, the company develops and manufactures h....
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