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We have the technology of manufacturing pure sine wave form power inverter not modified wave form or square wave form. We are applying the patent right of pure sine wave form power inverter in China (application no. 200620116326.1) . Our pure sine wave form power inverter is 100% good for people to use electrical appliances.

1) The wave form: pure sine wave (distortion rates<1%)
2) The maximum borne input voltage (according to different models) : 18V DC
3) The maximum continuous powers (according to different models) : 300W,
500W, 1,000W
4) Peak power (according to different models) : 600W, 1,000W, 2,000W
5) Maximum convert rates: 92%
6) The range of input work voltage: 10.8V-14.8V DC
7) The range of output voltage: AC 220V110% / AC110V110%
8) Output frequency: 50110-4Hz
9) Electromagnetism disturb: FCC class B
10) Automatism security feature:
a) High input voltage shut off: 14.810.05V DC
b) Low input voltage alarm: 1110.05V DC
c) Low input voltage shut off: 10.810.05V DC
d) Over heat shut off: 650C130C
e) Over load shut off: automatically
11) The system display: LED digital display
a) System works normally: green indicator light is on
b) The temperature is too high: red indicator light is on
c) Over load: red indicator light is on
d) Over/below voltages of battery: red indicator light is on
e) Cooling: automatically-controlled cooling fan
12) Performance environment: temperature: -30 -600C