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Doors and windows of your car are always shut, often it is full of smoke, dust, bacteria and other pollutants.

The limited air in the car after repeated use will have increased carbon dioxide and various effluent gases, at the same time oxygen content drastically dropped.

You and your passengers will feel headache, oxygen shortage of brain, fatigue and sleepiness resulting in slow reaction easily leading to traffic accident.

The new ionic breeze air purifier totally improves the environment in your vehicle. It produces negative ions and active oxygen to neutralize unpleasant odor and increases oxygen content of the air.

It captures airborne pollutants with an electrostatic ring, making the air in your car clean and refreshing. Instead of motor or fan, it utilized ionic breeze technology to silently circulate clean and fresh air to make your driving more comfortable and more refreshing.

This elegant ionic vehicle air purifier equipped with adjustable base support that can be installed easily on the dashboard.

Simply connect to cigarettes lighter socket in your car or put in 4 pieces of AA batteries to start operation.

Press power button twice to start blinking red lights which emulate the vehicle security alarm to keep away potential theft

Model: JL-801
Rated Voltage: DC 12V
Power Consumption: 2W/4AA batteries
Active Oxygen Output: <=0.04ppm
Lon Output: >=1x104/cm3
Dimensions(mm) : 120x100x50
Weight: 175g

 Use advanced ionic air movement technology
 Motion sensor automatically switch on and off
 Emulate vehicle security alarm
 Soundless design, no motor
 Low power consumption and saving energy 2W
 Neutralize unpleasant odor and freshen air