Sell ip phone oem , sip phone, voip phone with 2 RJ45

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Key features:
SIP and IAX2 ( SIP and H.323 ) support.
Support two sip servers running at the same time.
Redundancy sip server capable.
NAT, with Router built in.
DHCP server and client.
Support PPPoE, (used for ADSL, cable modem connecting) .
Support major G7. xxx Codec.
G.165 compliant 16ms echo cancellation.
E.164 dial plan and customized dial rules.
Support hotline.
Call Transfer, Call Forward, 3-way conference calls
Call ID display
DND(Do Not Disturb) , Black List, Limit List
Phone book, maximum 100 entries.

HTTP web browser, telnet and keypad management.
Upgrade firmware through HTTP, FTP or TFTP.
Telnet remote management.
Upload/download setting file
Safe mode provide reliability

Call control /voip Features:
SIP RFC3261, RFC 2543
Tone generation and Local DTMF re-generation according with ITU-T
G.711(A-law or u-law)
G.723.1(6.3kbps,5.3 kbps)
AGC(Auto Gain Control)
G.168/165 compliant 16ms echo cancellation
AEC(Auto Echo Cancellation)
VAD (Voice Activity Detection)
CNG(Comfort Noise Generation

Data networking:
DHCP:Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol
DNS:Domain Name Server
FTP:File Transfer protocol
HTTP:Hyper Text Transfer protocol
MD5 Message-Digest Algorithm
MAC Address
PPPoE:PPP Protocol over Ethernet
RTP: Real-time Transport Protocol
RTCP:Real-time Control Protocol
SNTP, Simple Network Time Protocol
STUN - Simple Traversal of User Datagram.
Telnet:Internet's remote login protocol
TCP:Transmission Control Protocol
TFTP:Trivial File Transfer Protocol

OEM services
Label, Sticker
Logo silk screen printing
Customized gift box
Re-designing PCB
Firmware with special features