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1. Supports the USB flash disk device (Version 1.1 or 2.0)
2. Memory: 128MB / 256MB /512MB /1G
3. Supports MP3, WMA, WMV, SAF
4. Search & play MP3 files automatically
5. Three buttons with eight functions
6. Turn to SLEEP situation automatically
7. Keep music function
8. Antenna: Built-in / exterior
9. Power: Car Lighter
10. Voltage ranges: DC 12V--24V
11. Indicator LED: Power, Play , Sleep, Pause/stop
12. Audio Out
13. 14 available frequencies (MHZ) : 87.7 to 107.7

How to use
1. Download file:Use the data cable attachdd to connect computer(support of WIN2000 and WIN XP, When you see the ICO of USB disk, you can download files from the internet or copy MP3, WMA etc, files to this USB disk.
2. Turn the launch frequency to an any one between 87.7 to 88.9MHZ, then plug the player into the car lighter, so the red LED on.
3. Blue LED rurns on after the red LED have been on about 10 scconds, then the player goes to stand-by.
4. Turn on your car audio equipment and switch it to FM. Car audio keeps Mute when searching the proper frequency.
5. Press the "Play" Button and the blue LED changes to flash quickly, and the player turns to "Play" state, and the player turns to "Play" state , and the Car Audio can search the music signal of ruansmission of this machine .
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