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The product is a kind of organic injection with high iron content. It has a good effect on preventing and treating iron-deficienty anemia in baby piglets and promoting its growth. This product is also effective on grown-up animals such as pig, foal, calf, dog and etc.
It is a colloidal solution of complex of dextran and iron possessed deep brown color. Each ml solution contains: iron dextran equivalent to 100 mg iron.
Sever iron-deficient anemia, clinically commonly used for treat the piglets iron-deficient anemia. Prevention and treatment of iron deficiency in piglets and other animals. Prevention of consequences of deficiencied, such as anaemia, loss of appetite, diarrhoea, retarded growth, diminished resistance against infectious germs and changing atmospheric conditions.
Administrated by deep intramuscular injection or subcutaneously injection.
After born 3-4 day deeply intramuscular injection for piglet, each piglet 0.25milliliter, the does for other domestic animals, use ones judgment.
1 When the serious impairment of hepatorenal function shouldnt be used.
2. Intramuscular inject may cause the partial ache, to be supposed deeply intramus intramuscularly.
3. To have to refrigerate, the long time sets may have the precipition.
4. The injection excessively is extremely easy with the iron tonic to be poisoned, therefore should strictly control the dosage.
Store in a cool and dry place protecting from light.
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