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we can provide you many sizes isostatic graphite materials:cylindric rods and Rectangular blocks
dia 400x450mm dia450x450mm dia480x450mm dia520x350/600mm dia560x430mm dia590x600mm dia650x640mm dia700x640mm 400x400x400mm 400x400x500mm 400x400x600mm 1000x500x300mm 1200x600x600mm

Fine grain cool isostatic press graphite material has better properties compared with ordinary materials: good electric conductivity and heat conductivity, high strength under high temperature, self lubrication, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, high bulk density and easy machining etc. It is more and more used in different fields of national economy, such as manufacturing equipments for Monocrystalline Silicon, Ploycrystalline Silicon and Silicon Ingots, EDM, Metal Continuous Casting, Precious Metal Smelting, Vacuum Furnace, high temperature corrosion resistance container and other special applications connected with the products properties.
Supply Capacity
4000 tons
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