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Physicochemical characteristics:
Itaconic acid is unsaturated diprotic acid. It has unsaturated double bond and active chemical properties. It is insoluble in water, ethanol and other solvents. Being able to do various kinds of addition reactions, esterification reactions and polyreactions, it is important material for chemically synthetic industry as well as chemical production.
Molecular weight:130.1
Specific gravity:1.49
Molecular formula:C5H6O4
1 >The third monomer of acrylonitrile fibre ; The acrylonitrile fibre, which takes itaconic acid as the third monomer, is easy to dye.
2 > Adhesive: The plastic and coating with the application of 1%-5%itaconic acid and styrene complex have the features of light color, easy separation, waterproof and anticorrosion. It can be used in producing high intensity resin glass fibre. It is also used in carpet coating and book cover.
3 > Binding material: Acrylic acid emulsion with itaconic acid is excellent adhesive for non intertexture fibre products. Adhesive with itaconic acid, PVC monomer is also excellent adhesive for paper and celluloid.
4 > Teeth adhesive: Teeth adhesive, made up of itaconic acid, acrylic acid and metal oxide, has excellent compression resistance and physiological adaption.
5 > Special lens: Polymer with itaconic acid has special luster and transparency. It is suitable to the production of artificial gem and special lens.
6 > Detergent: Polymer of itaconic acid and acrylic acid is a kind of macromolecular chelating agent. It can be used in cleaning boilers and cooling equipment.
7 > Itaconic acid and esters are excellent additive for producing synthetic resin, cation exchange resin and surface active agent.
8 > Pyrrolidone derivatives produced on the mixture of itaconic acid and aromatic diamine are excellent additive for lubricant, cleaning agent, drugs and herbicide.
9 > Itaconic acid is the material for producing citraconic acid and mesaconic acid etc. .
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