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Watch movies in the privacy of your own head
With the iTheater you can watch movies anytime, anywhere
Do you wonder how exciting it would be to watch your favorite action movie on a big screen TV? Maybe you have a secret passion for new high-tech electronics? Perhaps there is just not enough room in the living area for the Big screen TV you always wanted?
Well, now you can make your dreams come true with one amazing set of video glasses. To say video glasses is an understatement, considering the sound and visual quality the iTheater provides.
It's more of a personal entertainment center. It features an amazing 230,000 pixel resolution along with surround sound. Only weighing 3 ounces it fits very comfortably around the head. So, when you decide to watch that action packed thriller or that touching love story you can just sit back and relax.
Well, now you're probably wondering, what exactly can I watch with this iTheater?. . . Anything you want. With the included RCA cables, just plug the glasses into any number of entertainment devices (portable DVD player, Video iPod, Gaming stations, Computers) . DVD's have become quite the hit and with these glasses, you can just plug them into your DVD player and watch a beautiful theater style movie.
Perhaps your passion is video games; then your in luck, it connects right into your gaming station so you can have hours of fun on a 50 inch screen. Perhaps you have a video cell phone or a photo iPod and you would like to see your photos or clips on a huge screen? Then, just plug it in with the special adapter and your ready to go.
Do you need to purchase any expensive or hard to find batteries or power sources? Nope. iTheater comes with a portable power source as well as two "AA" batteries that will keep this entertainment center going for up to 6-8 intense viewing hours. So whether you're on the go or just relaxing at home, the iTheater is ready for you.