Sell jet fuel and Crude oil

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We have just developed a relationship with a major oil concern and can provide jet fuel and Crude oil, at or well below world prices our direct contract with our suppliers.

We're looking to develop strong long term relations with actual buyers we won't waste
your time or allow you to waste ours.

We will protect any direct brokers or mandates
that have access to the 'actual' buyers
(but you must be willing to step aside)
and let us do business, your commissions
will be protected by our pre fee agreement
we will not waste time with long broker chains.
So remember we work only with real 'qualified'
buyers and we will have to confirm that they are
able to do the deal.

In order to provide a firm quote, we must have a
recent LOI (letter of intent) (no older then 3 days) from the direct buyer on the buyer's letterhead, and a BCL (bank comfort letter) from the actual buyers bank

so that ability to pay Can be confirmed. Soft quotes can

change so you really cant rely on them.

we need the following to enable us to quote you a firm price.

1. ) exact specifications of product:
2. ) size of order:
3. ) packing in bags or bulk:
4. ) shipping details:
5. ) discharge rate:
6. ) destination port:
7. ) target price:
8. ) method of payment
9. ) full banking co-ordinates including account number,
Contact name at bank, confirming bank name and
address if bank issuing L/C is not a prime bank.
Name of authorized contract signatory,
performance bond & commissions.

We look forward to serving you