Sell jewelry ship model: crook-sterned boat

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crook-sterned was a typical small wooden river boat in china about two or three hundred years ago. it was named crook-sterned, because of its high turning upward bowed a rightwards curved stern. this type of boats was mainly built and sailed in han shui river basin of yangze river upper reaches. the model of crook-sterned is handcrafted, made of copper sheet and plated with 24k gold. besides, it is wear and tear resisting, beautiful, bright and has lustrous apprearance and suitable for longtern preservation. the model is 23.3cm long, 4.0cm wide, and 18.0cmhigh(including the sail) , with wood-engraved pedestal, whollly hermetically sealed cover, it has an excellent decorative value and is a refined omament on one's desk, the most ideal present for relatives and friends.
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