Sell joint venture cooperation in wild mushrooms bussiness

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I am looking forward a reliable partner for estabilish here in Romania a successfull and long time joint venture company in a agriculture domains like as:colecting and turn key processing of wild mushrooms, wild fruits, wild balck truffles tuber aestivum, walnut kernel, cultivated mushrooms:shiitake and oyster through sapard programme from european union only this year 50%money free from total value project. and others bussiness oportunities
thinking about it at geo-strategically position in europe of romania, closely date of entry of Romania in European Union, hard working pupils and more cheapest, well trained, finest tasting of boletus, grade of pollution , the air fresh and pure and rich quality of soils and more others advantages
We are able to supply boletus, chantallerus cibarius, cratarellus cornociupiodes, hydnum repandum truffles tuber aestivum, lactarius deliciousus, marasmius oreadus, calocybe gambosa
fres, frozen, dried
the finest tasting and flavour wild mushrooms
be inspired!!!
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