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1. Genenal of thermocouple
Disposal thermocouple K type (also called expandable thermocouple or K type thermocouple) is a sensor for temperature measurement. It can be connected to a fast potentiometer or a digital instrument to measure temperatures of melted iron, steed or other metals.

2. Specification of disposal thermocouple
Note: The +leg means a leg to be connected to +terminal of an instrument to measure thermo electromotive force, and -leg means opposite side one. Table 2
Thermocouple type Diameter of
Wire(mm) Upper limit operatingtemperature
Thermo electromotive force At upper limit operating(Mv)
KS 0.06_0.07 1650 18.709
KB 0.06_0.07 1700 13.814
KR 0.06_0.07 1700
KW 0.1 1800
Response time: Less than 5 seconds.

3. Tolerance in temperature Table 3
Calibration No. Normal operating temperature range Tolerance in the range
KS 1200_1650 5degree
KB 1200_1750 5degree
KR 1000_1700 5degree
KW 1000_1800 5degree
Brand Name
S604 S602 B604 B602 R604