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Karaoke Jukebox is a super karaoke player combines a disc player, a disc changer and a jukebox all in one. It includes everything you need to karaoke at home. If you would like to enjoy the professional quality of karaoke atmosphere with your family or friends, or if you are a karaoke jockey planning to hold private parties, Unify Karaoke Jukebox is the best choice for you.
The jukebox is about the size of regular Hi-Fi Stereo. it can be set anywhere you want, such as bedroom or living room, while its easily be moved to anywhere whenever you need, all you do is connect the video to your TV and audio to your sound system, then you are ready to enjoy professional quality karaoke anywhere you go. All songs are store on local hard drives so you do not need to carry thousands of discs or huge disc rack with you. This karaoke system will sure impress all of your friends where you will enjoy the fun of singing karaoke without spending time looking for your favorite disc. All functions can be easily access by using the remote controller. With the on screen song search capability, songbook is optional!
Main features:
A. So smooth and cool
With its sleek, silver and futuristic appearance, the Pundit simply exudes style and class. The all-new desktop barebone system also offers a black front panel, taking users away from this world of generic beige desktops.

B. Robust performance
Intel Celeron IV 1.8GHz or higher
Based on the ATI RS300 chipset
Supports DDR PC 3200/2700/2100 memory
PCI Riser Card supports 2 stand size add-on cards

C. It's feature packed
The Pundit's full-featured integration includes a 4-in-1 card reader (SM, MS, MMC, SD) , TV-out function, 5.1-channel and S/PDIF for quality audio, IEEE 1394 ports, PCMCIA slot, USB2.0 and more.

D. Save your desk space
Coming in a compact 91mm(w) x 357mm(d) x 275mm(h) casing, the Pundit is an ideal solution to save your precious desk space.

E. Enough capacity for the songs
The basic storage of the player is 200GB (KCJ1050) , which will hold 50,000 CDG / 5000 VCD / 1500 DVD songs. You can upgrade it to 400GB, capable of holding 100,000 CDG / 10,000 VCD / 3000 DVD quality songs.
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