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Natural, safe and effective health food for weight losing as well as lowering cholesterin. It has also some function to regulate blood sugar.

Made of chinese herbs and tea essense. It is a kind of purely natural herb product. No chemical additives inside.

It is garranteened that at least 3 kg weight can be reduced per month
and is 100% effective for lowering blood fat. It is without any negative side effect.

Main ingredients: Extract of Rhubarb and Tea, as well as microcrystalline cellulos.

Health Care Effects: Controlling weight, regulating blood fat and improving gastrointestinal function. (lubricate the bowels and defecation)
It also functions to regulate glucose level and decline level of serum TNFa (Tumor Necrosis Factor) and Insulin.

We can provide with finished products also raw materials.

KINTOP: 100% Effective and 100% Safe
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