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BLENDER (JH-230) with humanization design, is easy to use and clean. special accessory like glass cup can also stir ice, coffee bean, pepper etc.
wattage:250W voltage:220--240V capacity:1.25L
1. After use please clean the parts of the unit carefully, if not use for a long time, put the unit on a dry ventilated place to protect the motor not to be wet.
2. It is good to use the unit frequently.
3. We suggest to clean the parts of unit frequently.
4. Clean the cup in warm water (<=600C ) and add a little scour , fasten the clamp then push switch about 10 sec. Or use a soft brush to clean it.

Preparation of foods
A. Fruit Juicer
Ingredients: cane 600g, apple: 1pc , honey: 1/2 spoon
Operation: cut pieces after clean, Place them in the container, and add honey ice.
B. Strawberry Lemon Surprise.
4x150g pots strawberry yoghurt, 300ml lemonade, 400g frozen strawberries.
switch to blend for 10 seconds, serve immediately.
C. Ice Cool Fruity.
3 peeled kiwi fruit, quartered 300g fresh strawberries. 350ml orange juice, 8 ice cubes.
Place the fruit and orange juice into the container, add the ice cubes switch to mix for 20 seconds, serve immediately.
1. Before using, please read the instruction. Dont lease unit unattended while it is running, never let child to operate the unit.
2. Do not let the until run when nothing in it.
3. Make sure to fasten the top cover before using, while operating do not try to open the Top cover. Before the unit cut off power, do not put hands or other things into the blender cup to prevent personal injury and/ or damage to the
4. The unit has built in safety switch, when the cup is not fasten to the base the motor cant run, so that to protect the user safety.
5. Please use a clean cloth to clean the unit carefully.
6. If the power cord is damaged or the motor cant work, to avoid an electrical shock, please have it replaced in the service center appointed by the dealer or by a qualified person.
7. Please do not make the unit work more than 1 min, and keep it stop for more than 1 min every time.
8. In the case of the temperature of the motor raise suddenly, the temperature protector will cut of f power automatically to protect the motor.

1. The stop switch: 0 stop the blender when stop operating.
2. The slow speed switch: 1 suitable for Fruit Jam, Juice.
3. The high speed switch: 2 suitable for Soya bean milk , Juice and mince.

Please fix knives with the cups correctly before operating.
1. Open the clamp first, then slip the cleaned fruit or vegetables pieces into the cup, and then fasten the clamp, if needed add some cold water.
2. If you want to make some soybean milk, a filter should be added on. Put the soaked soybean into the cup, add water as you need. Not exceed 100 grams each time you add. Make sure fasten the clamp before operating.

Dry the ingredients such as those for making coffee, rice, pepper, chili etc. Before putting them into the dry miller cup. Turn the dry miller knife frame to the cup, then fasten them onto the connecting base, then regulate the switch to operate it.

The Blender has built in safeguard, when the temperature of the motor is too high, it will stop to protect the motor.
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