Sell knife grinder DMSQ-1600B(China)

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The DMSQ-1600B End surface knife grinder is the third generation based on DMSQ-II series of end surface knife grinder. It develops by the senior engineers and the technicans of our factory. And by II The series machinery installs the knife to change the magnet chuck to install the knife function. It improve the working efficiency and sharpen various cutters faster and more effectively .

The DMSQ-1600B End surface knife grinder is the essential ideal equipment of the printing, the papermaking, the toilet paper shaving knife, the paper box sheet metal, the truncation bed, the carpentry, models the leather and so on. .

The main disposition of DMSQ-1600B automatic end surface knife grinder
The master drive is the gear, the rack drive
The centralism refuels the installment
Magnet chuck installment
The guide rail uses high-frequency quenching processing, has the strong resistance to wear, enhances this machine service life
Has the dust cover installment
Shaving knife mold (toilet paper equipment special-purpose)

The main technical parameter of DMSQ-1600B automatic end surface knife grinder
Grinding wheel size: "200*100*100mm
Maximum mill knife width: Take 220as standard 180 mm
Grinding wheel and work table effective height:80mm
Table rotation: 0-1900
Wheelhead rotational speed: 1420 revolution /minutes
Slide traveling speed: 5 meters/minutes
Walks the electrically operated power: 0.55KW
Wheelhead electrically operated power: 1.5KW
Electric power pumps: 0.125KW
The largest grinding length: 1650 mm
Outlook size: 2645*900*1330 mm
Weight: 1500 kg
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Yi Ming
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