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High speed multi-function total automatic trade mark printing machines of Hongfa brand.
Function:Magnetic engaged device, automatic door, multi-colour printing, computer reprint system, digital pulling band, punching computer edge hole, gold stamping, laminating, die cutting, exhaus.
Printing area(mm) :270*450(10 5/8W17 3/4)
Die cutting area(mm) :270W300(10 5/8W11 3/4)
Maximum paper width (mm) : 270
Digital pulling band maximum
moving distance (mm) : 299.99
Printing speed: 10-150heads/min
Two colour printing area (mm) :255W218
Three colour printing area (mm) :255W140
Four colour printing area (mm) :255W103
Five colour printing area (mm) :255W80
Six colour printing area (mm) :255W64
Voltage : 3"380V, 50/60Hz
Main motor (kw) : 3.0
Machine size (mm) :2600W1400W1950
Net weight (kgs) : 3160
Colour choice: any colour
Brand Name
Model Number
HF-D30.D45 series