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It can make labels done automatically for round plastic and glass bottles and afford separate labeling in steps and rolling. It adopts five reactive minor to walk into the electrical machinery to make the marking position more accurate and achieve high production efficiency and high label quality.

This machine's organism and covering shell are made from stainless steel, completely according to the regulations of GMP. It also has code-typing machine, which types clearly and the code can be changed conveniently.

This machine has reliable capabilities and allows easy operations and prompt adjustments. It will be the best corollary equipment to the packing line of every industry.

Main technical parameters: 1) Pouch diameter: #16-100mm
2) Pouch high: 30-150mm
3) Label speeding: 60-240 bottles/min
4) Label width: 16-80mm
5) Label length: 15-260mm
6) Outside diameter for label roller: #100-300mm
7) Inner diameter for label roller: #45mm #76mm
8) Power: 0.5kW
9) Voltage: 220V 50Hz
10) Weight: 230kg