Sell laminate floor

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laminate floor with AC1/AC2, E1/E2, one mould pressed and the crystal or the embossing surface. we have some size as follows:
Crystal Finish 800, 1210*192*8.3mm
Country Embossing 800,1210*295*8.3mm
Nature Embossing 800,1210*192*8.3mm
Underfloor Heating 800,1285*193*8.3mm
Carpet 800,1210*192*8.3mm
Silent 800,1210*142*8.3mm
Extra Thick 1200,1210*192*12.3mm
Extra Size 1200,1210*295*12.3mm
One Mould Pressed,1210*142*12.3mm,800*125*12.3mm

Our company has Germany production line of HOMAG;3 drench melamine lines, with carrent oven drying;5 full intaglio printing lines; 8 full-automatic Gum machine stick pressure lines; 4 full-automatic cut dent lines. We specialized in each process and are the forerunner of the laminate flooring making in China . The annual production is over 3,000,000 SQM.