Sell laminate flooring

laminate flooring
1) Specification: 1213*193/162/126*8. 3/12.3mm, etc.
2) Wear-resistance: AC2, AC3
3) Profile: ARC Click, Single click, Double clicks
4) Color: Many kinds of colors
5) Surface: Embossed surface, crystal surface, mirror surface, silk surface, matt surface, etc.

* Humid Resistant:
The humid-proof treated surface and the adoption of humid-proof core board, plus the humid-proof bottom layer, provide you a comfortable environment.
* Easy to Take Care
The compactness of the grain, makes dirty has no place to hide, you can finish your cleaning job only by wiping with a wet and soft rug.
* Healthy & Comfortable
Conform to national E1 environment protecting standard, experience floorboard techniques healthily.