Sell laminated glass

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 Laminated glass
Laminated glass is a kind of construction safety glass; it made of 2 or more layers glass, heated and pressed with PVB, its appearance and installment is basically same as ordinary glass. The laminated glass keeps as same pure and transplants as ordinary glass.
**Anti-impact: Effectively resist external impact, even gets broken, the pellets will stick middle membrane and will not hurt people.
** Anti-penetration: Even if destroyed and appears aperture; its gap is tiny.
**Anti-irradiation: Effectively weakens the ultraviolet rayincident intensity, meanwhile, will not lessen visible light and cause the chromatic distortion.
**Soundproof: Eliminate resonance and assimilate both low and high frequency sound wave.
**Bulletproof: Prevent people from glass fragment injury when it receives attack.
** Decorative: To carry on handling curving, the color axis, the coloration, the frosting, the mirror surface, printing and the melt ties of the laminated glass processing according to artistic and safe needs.

Compound Products of Laminated Glass
Transparent multi-story compound laminated glass, color film laminated glass, bent laminated glass, yarn textured laminated glass, color chart laminated glass, bulletproof and flameproof laminated glass, ice-flower laminated glass.
Glass ambient light room, bus station, bank, airport, hotel and showroom and so on, the place where needs safety glass.
Maximum processing specification: 2400mmX6000mm
Minimum processing specification: 300mmX300mm
Processing Thickness Range: 3mm-25mm
Processing Finished products Thickness: 6.38mm-60mm
Annual Productivity :100,000 Square meters