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laminated glass
Laminated glass

For good quality of laminating glass, PVB film is imported from Du Pont of the USA or Sekisui of Japan to make the laminated glass. The colors of the film include transparent, milk, blue, dark grey, light green, bronze, etc. Laminated glass is widely used for bullet proof, burglar-proof, showcase, counter, aquarium, skylight, long corridor, sidelite, etc.

We also have China made PVB for laminated glass with high quality and transparency.

Laminated glass sizes:

(Max. Size) : 2440mm*6000mm

(Min. Size) : 300mm*300mm

(The thickness of PVB film) : 0.38mm-3.04mm

Laminated glass can be further processed into tempered laminated glass, glass with holes, into insulating glass etc.
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