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laminated glass -- specifications
within 2440mmX 3660mm
thickness:from 4mm to 42mm
color: clear, green, blue, grey, white, brown
laminated glass is made by two or above pieces of glasses glued by polyvinylbutyral with transparent,
elastic, strong adhint and high
penetration resistance. The name
of that is film sandwich glass or
A type Sandwich glass.
1. Shock resistance is 15 times than the conventional one.
2. Anti-ultraviolet radiation
3. Soundproof.
4. energy saving
5. a variety of colour
6. anti-typhoon
7. anti-theft, fire, explosion and bulletproof
8. Long life span
Sandwich glass is used in doors, windows, inside decoration of
automobiles, trains, ceiling, aquarium, display window of antique
& jewel, glass wall and fence.