Sell laminated glass

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Laminated glass is manufactured by using heat and pressure to bond a layer of tough elastic film(pVB) between 2 or 3 layers of flat glass.

Shatter proof, burglar proof, force-entry resistant Even glass breaks glass pieces and wouldn't shatter or drop off because of the strong interlayer film(PVB) Good sound control performanceGood filter efficient for the Uv-light

Windows and SKY-light glassWindows of automation and shipsShowing Room and Showing casePlace where butter proof and penetration is recommended.

Max size:5000mm*2550mmThickness of basic glass:3-19mmTotal thickness of laminated glass:>=6.38 (3+0.38+3) mm. Color of PVB : Clarity, White, Ash, Blue, GreenThickness of PVB:0.38mm,0.76mm,1.52mm.
Standard:GB/T 9962-1999