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Lmainated glass

Laminated glass is agglutinated by two or more pieces of glass so that increasing glass intension. When the outside glasses are attacked and cracked#,pieces are pasted in glue, avoiding danger by flying pieces. Laminated glass was mostly used in car windshield, ship, plane, train and high building.

Laminated glass producing ways have two kinds: film (dry) and grouting(wet) . It can produce different functional laminated glass through changing film capability and combination construction. Such as bulletproof glass, electricity caused changing color glass, electromagnetism screen glass, fireproofing glass, antenna glass, galvanothermy glass and so on.

0.38mm PVB 0.76mm PVB

Flat laminated glass:450x450mm~2500x6000mm
Bend laminated glass:300x600mm~2440x4200mm