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Cubic Opening (moving picture) Lamp Characteristics:
1) The vertical opening light box is beautiful in shape and simple in structure, applicable to the indoor and outdoor which is advertising.
2) The external frame is designed with waterproof strips and the internal frame with waterproof groove.
3) It is easy to open and change the pictures.
4) The organic place light box. It is microcomputer chip controlled to display 2 to 15 different advertising pictures in sequence in turning the roll pictures.

At precent, we have some model of pictures rotation light box. These light boxes can move around the aluminum , by this way , the pictures can move again and again. As the matter of fact , these light box use the micro-chip control , and Volume paintings were shown ways to rotation rate of 2 to 15 different posters. The products are convenience, easy for painting, installing and improving the effect of advertising. These products are using large shopping centers , advertising wall decoration, publicity playing place.