Sell laparoscope

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Model: DF
Features of laparoseope:
1. Hopkins srod lenses, large, clear and bright field of view areused in the optic system.
2. The illness can be observed directly through the laparoscope, and alos observed through the pick-up head by connecting the through the monitor by removing the eyepiece cover and making the pick-up headconnect to the screw of the eyepiece.
3. The connector of light cable of the laparoscope is matched with the reducer, make the laparoseope not only connect with optic light cable ShenDa, but also connect with Storz, Wolf and the other foreign company.
4. A reducer is also supplied for the connecting of optic light cable and light source, can connecting with light source of ShenDa, but also connecting with Storz, Wolf and the other foreign company.
5. The laparoseope with the "autoclave" mark is autoclavable