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Product Description
USB Floppy Disk Drive

Short Description:

USB Portable Diskette Drive

1) USB1. 1 interface
2) Support DOS to start
3) No drive type (except Windows 98 SE)
4) No external power needed

USB Floppy Disk Drive
Full Description:

Technical Specifications:
USB Interface
3. 5 inch 720KB/1. 4MB FDD
Super silm and lightweight
Available USB Bus supply current: 500mA or less
Data capacity: 720KB/1. 44MB(Formatted)
USB Data Transfer Rate: Full speed /12Mbps
Data Transfer Rate: 250 Kbits(720KB) /500 Kbits (1. 44MB)
Number of Cylinders: 80
Rotation speed: 300 rpm. 360 rpm recording method: MFM
Media: High Densit(2HD) or Normal Density(2DD)
3/5 inch Micro Floppy Disks
Average Latency Time: 100 MSEC(1. 44MB mode) 83. 3 MSEC (720KB Model)

Operating Temperature
Between 4 degrees Celsius and 51 degrees Celsius
Between 39 degrees Fahrenheit and 125 degrees Fahrenheit

Relative humidity
Operating: Between 20% and 80%

Hardware Requirements
Computer with USB Port
USB Universal Host Control