Sell laser, laser cutting/engraving machine

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Adopting 64 super-speed the set of DSP that nations first enter sets up the LAIYIN takes off the machine controller, function significant increase, the steady the type of s type and subtract to control soon the software designs, acting fast and steady, match with the in expiation of technique in automatic light make different incise the part attain the ideal result.

The touch control panel of industry inside a house adoption many kinetic energies, man-machine interface amity.

DSP controller usage U dish or string high speeds connect a proceeding Database fast, the data delivers efficiently safety.

Light path system adopts imported professional laser lens group, six groups of lenses are made up and can be selected, the controllability of the slight light path is strong, achieve adjusting and controlling the sew wide cutting and vertical degree.

Automatic control system introduce mechanical& electrical technology, assembled three-phase stepping motor, imported from Germany, can fully carry out and put the electric signal about automatic controller systems changing.