Sell laser Diode end-pump Marking Machine

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Product features: 12W laser outputting power, delicate marking, more suitable for non-metal material marking. It has the advantages of high quality, high positioning precision, high speed, high reliability, long service time, power conservation function and easy operation for a lot of applications in the every industry. It has airproof incorporate laser-carvity as well as the diode end-pump technology, can switch 50% of laser into power.
Applications & materials: The industries applied in plenty of the metal & non-metal: communication equipment, IC, electric materials, silicon wafer, communications, computer, clock, glasses, accessories artwork process and etc. It also can be used in nylon, ABS, PVC, PES, steel, titaniumcopper etc.
It can mark and carve on many kinds of non-metal materials and is widely used in packages, plastic, leather, glass and china, Plexiglas, bamboo, PCB board, packages of foods, electronic component, artwork process and etc.