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CO2 laser cutting/engraving machine

1. LC-960 adopted import straight trajectory, it possess stable operation and high precision.
2. The mechanical structure of LC-960 is high precision and high stability, it do not need to adjust after a long time running.
3. The work table is coherent of frontal and back, so that it is convenient for materials passed through, can be used for material of indefinite length.
4. It equipped cooling system with protection, operating steadily under continuing running, the automatic protection function to prevent the using up of water or low water.
5. Perfect design for dust defending, and improve the stability greatly of the machine.
6. The important part (CO2 laser tube and power supply) from top manufacturer in China
7. User can choose precise auto up/down worktable.

Parameter List
Model LC-960
Max laser average power 60W
Laser medium Sealed CO2 laser
Work table size 900mm*600mm
Laser qty One
Cooling mode Water-cooling and protection system
Cutting Speed 0 ~ 18,000mm / min
Engraving Speed 0 ~ 50,000mm / min
Reposition Accuracy 1 0.01mm
Min. letter size 1.0mm
Cutting table Aluminium slot
Voltage `220V (110V) , 50/60Hz
Power consumed 1000W
Controlling software DSP control system
Compatible software CorelDraw; AutoCAD; Photoshop
Auxiliary equipments Exhaust-fans, air-exhaust pipe
File format support AI, BMP, PLT, DXF, JPEG, GIF; DMG
Operation temperature 0 centigrade ~ 45 centigrade
Operation humidity 5% ~ 95%