Sell laser cutting machine

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Mechanism Specification
a) Description of laser cutter parts:
Accord with Europe CE standard

-Laser head
Diffirent focal lens and nozzle selections for different thickness materials cutting;
Cover device around the laser head for exhaust, blower

-control system
Servo controlling motor for whole area moving
Offline USB2.0 control
Following laser power adjustment when working with curve designs

-conveyer table, vacuum system, exhausting system
Conveyer working table for continous cutting rolls of materials
Vacuum and exhausing system have large strength to absorb the processing materials and make it closed to table

b) Description of optional device
-auto-feeder device
Vshape auto-feeder for feeding the processing materials automatically

-water chiller
1600w constant temperature water chiller for cooling recycle system

-exhaust system
3KW or 5KW exhaust fan will be optional selected

Technical Specification

a. The working area is 2.1m-6m size
b.100w Chinese DC glass laser source, American RF metal source with different laser power will be selected to install for cutting different thickness or speed demand;
c. It adopts vacuum conveyer working table, equipped with auto-feeder to feeding the material continuous cutting
d. It selects servo controlling motor for large area cutting smoothly. The speed is 0-48000mm/min
e. Following laser power adjustment when curve or arch design processed, ensure the same result under the condition of shift gears
f. It has upper exhaust system, and bottom vaxuum exhaust absortion to ensure the material be very flat with the table
g. The cooling recycle system is selected water chiller for cooling the laser source and ensure the machine working efficiently;
h. The software support format is compatible with BMP, AI, PLT, DST, DXF. Combined with CAD typeset designs and output in time.


Outdoor product: sailing vessel, tent, fire balloon, parachute, rubber boat etc.
CE and FDA
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
15-20 days
Minimum Order Quantity
1 set
Warranty Coverage
1 year