Sell laser holographic laboratory apparatus

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The basic principle of holograph is the interference and diffraction of light waves. Its theory was first brought forward by D. Gabor in 1948. But because good light source was not available at the time, it had hardly attracted attention of people. Holograph has been greatly developed and extensively used since laser came into the world and had become a leading subject of optics. Realization of emboss rainbow hologram resulted in boosting of holographic printing industry, and micro hologram motivated progress of microtechnique, holographic interference automatic measurement technology, optical image real-time processing method as well as many holographic optical elements of varies special functions, which has opened an extensive space for the application of holography in scientific fields and created far- reaching effluence.
Following objectives can be obtained with the apparatus:
1. To get know the basic principle of holography;
2. To study the experimental technique of holography, to get familiar with test equipment and its adjustment;
3. To shoot qualified hologram;
4. To get know the reappearance techniques of holography;
The apparatus has many features such as secure structure and stable and reliable performance. It is suitable for contemporary physics experiment in universities and colleges as well as research and design experiment