Sell laser remote control mouse pen WX-L05

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Name:laser remote control mouse pen

Type :WX-L05
Quantity :100PCS/CTN

Description of products :
1. Wireless Mouse, laser, page up/down function hang together
2. To make your presentations flow continuously. the super pointer integrates the side up/down and mouse functions with a laser pointer on a remote hand held device using a wireless technology. the
super pointer's attractive and compact design enables mobility of up to 15 meters from the laptop/pc while still maintaining a full navigational control of your presentations
3. the super pointer does not require any software and PC programming and take just a few Seconds to install and use

Key features
1. plug and play function No PC programming and S/W
2. Working on any computer On any computer using a USB port
3. remote control range over 20m with a very low power
Eliminates LOS problems encounterd with IR systems
4. Transmitter identification Use thousands of ID number to avoid multi- user interferences
5. function key :laser, page up/down, left/right key about mouse. and four direction keys
Do not aim the super pointer to the eye directly. it may damage the eye.