Sell laser seal carving machine JD40L

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Digital control circuits, an embedded module-driven system, are with stable performance. Comprehensive application aviation aluminum, light weight, high strength.

I laser power is the latest company super high pressure, high-frequency service, driven by the United States IR company-wide functional laser power Laser and the most advanced lasers used internally, and my company's laser power for matching the remarkable increase its useful life.

Revolutionary structural design, and end the old seal machine Yi deformation, Kwong Road unstable history, an adjustment permanent.

New jig design, low noise power Jiajin smooth, reliable, Mianweihu.
As cooling systems and features system.

Technical index:
Max. working area: 120 x 80mm
Largest laser power: 40W
Operating system: 98/ME/2000/XP
Applications: seal, handicrafts
Outside dimensions: 420 x 360 x 1,050mm
Power: AC 220V/50Hz
Application materials: rubber, plastic, Plexiglass, crystal, wood, leather